There was a time in my life when I felt utterly trapped…
with a secret food addiction that no one knew about!
I hated myself for it, regretting it later and feeling miserable.

But! I had no control over my addiction.

The worst part?

I was carrying this unbearable weight of guilt, shame, and emotional pain all alone.

As I was too embarrassed to share it with anyone...

Life moved on and probably looked good from the outside. I excelled in a cosmetology career, spent three years in a world-renowned school of ministry surrounded by supportive friends and family, and I married the man of my dreams.

But something didn’t quite feel right. 
I started getting anxious about my secret “habit”
that seemed to be controlling my thoughts, my choices, and my life.
 “Shouldn’t I be over this juvenile behavior by now”?
“Why do I do this? Why can’t I control my compulsive behavior?”
“What if someone found out? What would they think of me?”
Curious to know more?

Intrigued to learn what set me FREE?

Interested to read more about how I turned my pain into a platform and started living my BEST life?

I’m sharing with you all of this and MORE in my book Food Freedom.
If you are not currently living the life of your dreams and you want to unapologetically be yourself, feel good about your body, and experience TRUE freedom in life...
Getting Food Freedom is your first step towards a happier, healthier and vibrant life.
No more feeling stuck in the vicious cycle of food anxiety, body shame,
and the nagging sense of not being enough.
For the woman who’s done with keeping her courage, abilities, and dreams captive. 
For future changemakers ready to change their relationship with food, for freedom-seekers ready to break free from the shackles of expectations, for women on the rise who are currently lost, stuck, or uninspired on their journey to live a purpose-filled life. For YOU – a powerful being ready to step into who you are called to be, fulfill your God-given purpose, and shine even brighter.
It’s time you stop hiding and start living. 
Stop Hiding & Uncover Who You Are Meant to Be
After struggling with disordered eating and poor self-image for over a decade, I was set free in an instant – to become the best version of myself.

This book is a real, raw and refreshingly honest account of my deepest struggles with food, cravings, body image and low self-worth. Packed with practical tips that unlock the four pillars of vibrant health, you will close the book deeply inspired to change your relationship with food and pursue your God-given purpose.

I’m not profiting from this. Consider it my gift to you – an invitation to freedom from the inside out and shining your light brighter in the world.
Just cover the book cost and shipping is absolutely free!

Raw, hilarious, honest, gripping, authentic, informative. Food Freedom is an invitation to freedom from the inside out - a compelling story that beckons the soul to life with solid hope; a well-marked trail map providing clear direction to a life of vitality in body and spirit. If freedom is a place you have yet only visited on occasion, get ready to make it your home.

Becky Misar - Author, Co-founder Journey Ministries
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  •  Do you eat healthy and delicious meals with total pleasure or do you secretly feel guilty with every bite you take?
  •  Do you wear the clothes you want to wear because you’re comfortable in your skin or do your choices reflect what others think of you?
  •  Do you feel like you’re living up to your God-given purpose or do the thoughts of not being good enough keep haunting you – day in and day out?
I know your answer because I was right where you are!
You see, I was using food for more than nutrition, and even more than enjoyment. Being unaware of the root cause, I let this addiction hold me hostage for a decade… stuck in the cycle of food anxiety and body shame, I let it make me feel small and unworthy. 
Simply put, my secret food addiction was making me feel like a failure when in reality, I was not.
But then I did something that transformed how I looked at food, myself and the world around me. I stopped using food as an excuse, uncovered a beautiful truth about my identity, and found my God-given purpose (something bigger than daily humdrum, larger than life).

I was finally able to experience deeper, more meaningful relationships. My health improved. My body felt better (and not sick from the constant guilt). My confidence soared. My energy was off the charts. I was finally able to build the life I really wanted - and so can you.

Absolutely LOVE the vulnerability and honesty in Brooke's journey. This isn't just a practical guide on how to navigate a healthy relationship with food and body image. It's a story that shares the raw and real emotions of body image, food, disordered eating, and cravings. As the author shares about her journey of walking in freedom, she talks about both the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual components of freedom. This book will truly inspire every person who reads it and gives them hope and help.

Carolyn Haas - Pastor of Substance Church, MN

I love how this book speaks to the deepest places of our heart, validating our pain and unlocking the truth for us, giving access to real freedom that is more than a temporary fix, rather a permanent state of truly living freely in our fullest potential. It's thought-provoking, intimate, and completely relatable, allowing the reader to experience a genuine breakthrough with each chapter. 

Tracy L. David - Founder of Little Acorn Shave Co.

Look, facing the giants in your life is not easy, but it is necessary in order to walk in true freedom. This book shows not just a courageous vulnerability about Brooke’s process in facing her giants, but also sheds light on the truth about the tenacity and resolve it takes to be free. The biggest wisdom I’ve gleaned from reading Food Freedom is the reminder that true freedom is not simply managing the enemies of our peace but the absolute need to confront and eradicate them completely through surrender, strategy, and discipline!

Rheanna J. Arfsten  - Speaker, Minister, Best-selling Author, and co-founder of Freedom Culture Ministries 

Food Freedom fell onto my lap when I didn’t even know I needed it! I’ve struggled with my reflection in the mirror for years and Food Freedom provided the perfect reminder that freedom is not only possible, it’s already been extended by Jesus. This book is for any woman who is struggling with anger or disappointment around the gym, the kitchen or the mirror. Brooke D. Peterson effortlessly crafts vulnerability, encouragement, and expertise into an amazingly well-rounded book on health and the gospel. Because, it’s not just about food, it’s about freedom in every area of your life!

Ellie Herringshaw Host of Reclaimed Podcast 
Feeling like you can’t do a certain thing, restricting yourself, and then eating compulsively (or using any other crutch as a way of escape) is NOT the way to live. Life is MORE than a certain pant size, obsessive exercising, or excruciatingly painful self-judgment.
You deserve to enjoy the gift that is life and follow your BIG, beautiful calling.
It’s dedicated to honor you as a woman, inspire your personal growth, and to help you uncover the truth about yourself – the liberating truth that’s fundamental to your success and fulfillment.

Because the quick fix, proven roadmap, or tried & tested formulas you have been looking for?
…the roadmap you’re looking for is yet to be created – BY YOU!

…your blueprint is unique to YOU – nobody else can design it for you.

…and there are no formulas or quick fixes to have vibrant health, great wealth, and a challenge-free life.

It’s all about how willing you are to make a commitment to live life to the fullest, and the steps you take to equip yourself with the right knowledge, guidance, and community.  

"This book is so relatable for all women. Brooke mixes humor, knowledge, and faith in a way that helps women navigate through finding their freedom in nutrition. Her personality really shines through in her writing and makes this an easy and enjoyable read. It's so refreshing to hear more women taking a stance in educating women on nutrition and how to really find freedom with it!"

Dr. Beth Westie - Doctor of Chiropractic, Women's Health & Hormone Expert, Best Selling Author & Speaker

This book is a great read for women struggling with any food issues. Brooke eloquently shares her story and opens her heart. She shows us how to navigate through our day and overcome the feelings of being out of control with food. Her thoughts on faith and community were also uplifting to me. Way to go Brooke!

Chris Freytag - Author, Speaker, Founder of Get Healthy U TV
You are ONE step away from experiencing the ultimate food freedom  and turning your wildest dreams into reality.
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